Allen's Acres Farm

Family owned and operated since 1988

Our Fainting Goats
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 Our Bucks


2018 registered mini silky fainting goat. He is blue and white with brown eyes. He is enjoying bossing around the group of kunekune sows he lives with. He enjoys butting pumpkins until he is wearing pumpkin goo all over his horns. Knight is a joy, and we can't wait until we have some kids out of him.

Baby pic

Our Does

Eleanor is black/white with blue eyes. Her dam is Pippa and her sire is Patch. Her first kids will be in April 2019. She enjoys taking treats, and she also has the nickname of Skeletor due to her face markings.

Pippa is a black/white fainting goat with brown eyes. She is a wonderful mother and easy kidder. Due to keeping daughters after weaning in April of 2019, she will be for sale. She would be an asset to any breeding program. She is not registered.

Kate is a black/white fainting goat with blue eyes. She is a good mother and an easy kidder. I have had several very nice kids from her. She is the dam of Patch, and Jane. After she kids in April 2019, she will be offered for sale. She is not registered.


Jane is a black/white fainting goat with blue eyes. She was born in April 2018. Her dam is Kate. I am looking forward to future kids, and hope she passes on her sweet disposition to them. 


2018 doe kid Elizabeth/Patch

Emma is a black/white fainting goat with brown eyes. She is the last baby out of Elizabeth so she has some big hooves to fill. She is the bossy one of the young does. 


April 2018 Reg Mini Silky Fainter

Lydia is a caramel and white blue eyed doe kid. She is developing an excellent coat. 


Daphne is a 2018 tri colored fainting goat with blue eyes. She is a really great fainter. It will be interesting to see what colors of kids she has someday.

Mary Anne

Mary Anne is a 2018 caramel and white fainting goat with blue eyes. She is always the first one to try any new treat, including marshmallows. 


Elizabeth has been retired from breeding. She will hang out with the goats in the summer and help guide the young kids born in the Spring.



Black/white with blue eyes. He is a myotonic (fainting) goat. He  has sired several really nice kids.  Patch is not registered.

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