Allen's Acres Farm

Family owned and operated since 1988

Allens Acres Farm has always had odd critters running around. Over the years, we have had a reindeer, Patagonian Cavy, mini horses, mini donkeys, assorted goats, livestock guardian dogs, guinea hens, turkeys, chickens, etc.

This page is for photos of some of our past and present animals. Please enjoy!

DOMINICK is a 15 yr old dromedary camel gelding. He loves treats of all sorts, and can eat a whole package of hot dog buns in one mouthful.

DOMINICK spends a lot of time in the horse pasture (even though the mares were scared of him at first). He eats thistles!

Zoe, our cousin, visited and Dominick loved her!

DOMINO was born in July 2018, and he joined us in September. 

Domino is very spoiled and he loves to play with Yanna

Quinn loving on some of the piglets and kids

Badger is one of our Livestock Guardian Dogs. She is a Great Pyranees. She loves all the babies! Her loud bark keeps the coyotes away.

Yanna is our junior LGD. She is a Karakachan dog, also known as a Bulgarian Sheepdog. She is learning her duties from Badger. Her picture also made it into the Facebook page for Milford Vet Clinic!

Betty is s miniature cow that we raised as a bottle baby. She is extremely tame, and often gets in the way when we are doing chores. She thinks she is helping.

Azul is one of our miniature horses. He is a gelding and has been shown in 4H. He likes to think he is boss. 

Oakey as a calf

Betty as a bottle calf