Allen's Acres Farm

Family owned and operated since 1988

Bull calf born to Betty on 4/15/2019
Calf for sale

Heifer calf born  4/12/2019 to Clover

all black


4 yr old mini cow

Black and white

exposed for 2020 


2 yr old mini bull

part White Park


These miniature cattle belong to a friend of ours and are for sale.

Contact us for prices

Red/white mini cow 3 Yrs old $1000

Black mini cow $1400

Red mini cow $1100

Black  mini yearling heifer  $800

Mini bull. Dexter?hereford cross. $1300

Zebu cow $$500

Brindle mini heifer calf $1100

Bottle mini calf, heifer $1000

Mini Heifer calf $1000

Black calf also for sale, Just born